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Adelante Recovery Center Is Now IMS Certified

Adelante Recovery Center has recently been awarded complete IMS certification. As a testament to the high quality of care and treatment services provided by Adelante Recovery, the IMS accreditation serves as evidence of the standard to which the facility holds itself and its staff.

What Does It Mean to Be IMS Certified?

IMS, or incidental medical services, refers to providing health care and medical treatment services at a residential treatment facility that deals with detoxification or alcohol or drug abuse recovery.

IMS medical services involve employing in-house medical providers that ensure every participant in a detox or recovery program can get the medical attention and treatment they need should they require it at any point during their stay.

How an IMS Certification Helps Us Help You

By simplifying the admin process and offering a higher level of care to patients, IMS allows us to help you in a more efficient and detail-oriented manner. Some of the benefits that come with IMS accreditation and implementation include:

Gather Medical History

Having timely access to the medical histories of each of our patients allows Adelante Recovery Center to provide more personalized care while also ensuring every aspect of your mental and physical well-being is provided for throughout your stay at our facility. This will also help speed up the admissions process as we can access health care questionnaires directly, helping you get the treatment you need faster.

Provide Treatment and Detox

IMS services allow medical practitioners to more effectively help you during your addiction treatment. These benefits provided by IMS include allowing medical care providers to offer pharmaceutical interventions and prescription medication, especially in the case of a co-occurring mental illness. Licensed medical practitioners can provide relief during the detox and withdrawal periods that other non-IMS certified facilities cannot.

Administer Tests

Administering tests related to detoxification and rehabilitation can be vital to monitoring your progress throughout treatment. These tests typically include toxicology using urine drug screening, breathalyzer tests, and further laboratory analysis should it be necessary. By monitoring your progress and adherence to the treatment programs provided by Adelante Recovery Center, we can ensure you are getting the best care possible at every step in your recovery journey.

Monitor Health Status

IMS accreditation allows us to monitor your health, vital signs, and other factors to ensure you stay as healthy as possible for the duration of your program at our facility. It can also help us understand how detox, withdrawal, or cravings affect your body and prevent any medical issues that may have arisen were you not monitored correctly or efficiently. This can help us know when you need urgent medical care, so you can receive it as quickly as possible if necessary.

Choosing an IMS accredited facility for detoxing or attending a residential rehab program offers a range of benefits, including personalized care and accurate progress monitoring. If you are looking for a rehab that provides high-quality care in a medically supervised environment, contact our team today at (949) 427-9099 to get the advice you need and take your first step toward lifelong recovery.

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