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Orange County Drug &
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Depending on the severity of the addiction, detox treatment may be the first step,
which helps clear the body of the
substance. Adelante Recovery Center
offers medical detox services
at our alcohol and drug detox centers.

Inpatient Residential

Adelante Recovery Center offers
full-service residential rehab for drug
and alcohol addiction. Our inpatient treatment program is designed for people who need to minimize their exposure to the outside world
so they can heal.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction alongside one or more co-occurring mental health disorders, dual-diagnosis treatment is available. Our substance use disorder programs are effective and compassionate, helping many patients move forward and recover.

Orange County Addiction Treatment Facility

Drug and alcohol dependency can be heartbreaking, transforming loving, happy members of society into ghosts of their former selves. If you or a loved one has been suffering from addiction to alcohol, narcotics, or another substance, you deserve to get help.

Adelante Recovery Center is a highly reputable inpatient rehab provider based in Newport Beach, California. We offer top-rated inpatient and residential treatment programs in tranquil settings that promote healing and wellness. Our compassionate staff helps people get past the obstacles of addiction and move on to full recovery in work, life, and relationships. Thousands of individuals have come through our Orange County drug rehab and treatment centers forever changed and armed with the tools to stay sober for the rest of their lives.

Admission in 3 Simple Steps

Get in Touch

Fill out the short contact form and let us know a bit about you or your loved one. One of our admissions specialists will be in touch as soon as possible to learn more about you, your loved one, and your recovery needs.


Insurance Verification

We accept a variety of private PPO insurance plans as full or partial payment for treatment. We also offer financing and payment plans and will help make this process as stress-free as possible so you can focus on receiving the help you deserve.


Personalized Treatment

Through a one-on-one consultation with a member of our admissions team, we’ll help determine which program is right for you and come up with a custom treatment plan to help you move forward to a better life.


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Full-Service Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Adelante Recovery Center offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment to address complex substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions. Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual for effective long-lasting addiction treatment.

Luxurious Amenities

At our Orange County detox and drug rehab center in Newport Beach, we offer a luxury residential treatment experience with a wide variety of amenities. Our facility is located in beautiful Southern California, atop the hills of Newport Beach overlooking the pacific ocean and Catalina Island. Clients enjoy experiential activities and outings throughout the coastal areas of Orange County and Los Angeles. The gorgeous ocean views and facility grounds provide a soothing environment where one can take a break from the world and focus on achieving lasting recovery.

In our residential substance abuse programs, clients receive nutritious, top-quality meals created by our private professional chef. Between therapies, individuals can participate in various recreational activities, or join in on a yoga or meditation session.

Our inpatient rehab rooms are comfortable and beautifully appointed with queen beds, televisions and desk areas. Individuals seeking additional space can also request a private single room, if available.

We offer the most


Environment for Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Because we understand that each individual situation is different, we intentionally avoid a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we combined the latest techniques in alcohol and drug detoxification to offer a range of approaches, which can be customized to fit clients on a situation-by-situation basis. Our expert staff oversee detox, residential rehabilitation, inpatient programs and dual-diagnosis programs, all with the goal of helping you or your loved one bring lasting hope and joy to their life through long-term sobriety.

We believe that to truly get the best results, our clients must be relaxed enough to focus on their recovery. That’s why we use a holistic approach, treating mind, body, and soul in a luxury setting. Individual and group counseling sessions, as well as a 12-step approach, help us give clients the tools they need to get sober and avoid relapse.

Choose Your Level of


We know you’re busy and have responsibilities to your family, employer, and community. We’ve opened an addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA to make it easier for our clients and their loved ones to reach us. Whatever level of care you need, we’ve made treatment accessible, so no one is left behind. Our clients consistently rate us as the best Newport Beach rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction.

We're Available 24/7 for


Call us any time, any day, to speak with an addiction specialist and learn about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Orange County, Southern California.

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We Offer a Diverse Range of Therapies and Activities

Good addiction treatment means carefully personalized treatment at all levels of care. It’s important for any inpatient addiction treatment facility to use a variety of therapeutic modalities to best serve and be most effective for their clients.

At Adelante Recovery Centers in Orange County California, we offer all inpatient levels of care.  Our medically supervised detox (DTX level of care) with 24hr medical staff helps the client safely detox off their physical dependency on drugs and alcohol. Our accredited Residential program (RTC level of care) provides the bulk of therapeutic, counseling and educational services for the client – helping them overcome their psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol. Clients receive individualized therapy and counseling, group therapy, education and experiential activities.

Common methods we use for drug addiction treatment include:

  • Individual Therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with one-on-one therapists
  • Individual Counseling: providing education and tools for staying sober
  • Group Therapy with others in addiction therapy – relating and learning with peer groups
  • Experiential Therapy -enjoying safe and supervised experiences and practicing life
  • Art Therapy – positive and balanced creative thinking and projects
  • Various social activities and events giving clients an active and healthy inpatient experience.

We also help support holistic healing with a variety of physical and wellness methods, such as:

  • Massage Therapy: Using professional massage techniques to manipulate soft tissue and relieve pain, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.
  • Breathwork: Use of conscious breathing techniques to promote mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and improve physical and mental health.
  • Soundbaths: Immersion in sound vibrations to help promote deep relaxation and assist in meditation.
  • Reiki: An energy healing method in which a practitioner uses their hands to balance and direct the body’s energy. Many feel this somewhat spiritual practice complements their recovery program.
  • Yoga: Holding physical poses, controlling one’s breathing, and learning to balance and focus. This can help improve flexibility and strength as well as mental health.
  • Meditation: A mindfulness practice that uses quiet, focused attention to lower stress and promote inner peace and clarity.
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We Accept Private Insurance and Cash Pay

You can fill out our online insurance verification form, or you can call one of our admissions specialists to learn more about billing and the admissions process.

Curated Addiction Treatment Programs with Excellent Results

Each person is different and has their own reasons for turning to drugs or alcohol as a solution to the stressors of life. Our mission is to accommodate all clients, whatever their needs and wherever they are on their journey. We offer a full range of services, including but not limited to:

At Adelante Recovery Center, we put an incredible amount of attention and thought into each of our alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers in California. Our goal is to make our center feel like your home away from home, so you can put all your energy into the business of getting sober.

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