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Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs in Orange County, OC

Start recovery with a safe and effective detox program.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is serious, and today we have a much better understanding of how addiction and physical dependency alter a person’s brain. Addiction can create havoc in a person’s life, wrecking relationships, ruining careers, and destroying financial, physical, and emotional well-being.

If you or a loved one is suffering with an addiction, there is help, and there is hope.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, detox treatment may be the first step, which helps clear the body of the substance. It’s critical for a person undergoing detox to be supervised by trained personnel, since detoxing from certain substances can produce painful and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. For example, alcohol detoxification can lead to shaking, high blood pressure, and increased heart rate, which can be dangerous if not monitored and managed.

Adelante Recovery Center offers medical detox services at our Corona del Mar alcohol and drug detox centers. Our trained clinical staff provides round-the-clock care to ensure clients detox safely and comfortably. We may use medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, depending on a person’s needs.

How long the detox process takes will depend on the severity and type of addiction and the person’s medical history. Alcohol, cocaine and crack, heroin and other opiates, and certain prescription drugs are the most common substances requiring detox. Adelante uses the latest evidence-based approaches to help clients safely detox and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Detox Components

The detox process typically includes the following three steps:

Evaluation: This includes testing to determine which substances a person is using and how much of the substance is in their blood. The evaluation process also includes screening for co-occurring physical and mental health conditions. This evaluation helps the treatment team determine what care a person needs and how to proceed.

Detoxification/Stabilization: This includes the medical and social components of the detoxification and withdrawal process. The goal is to get as much of the substance(s) as possible out of the client’s body and ensure they are medically stabilized. The clinical team may use medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and ensure safe, comfortable detox.

Preparing for ongoing treatment: Many, if not most, clients with serious addictions will need ongoing treatment, such as time in a residential treatment program, to address the psychological, behavioral, and social components of addiction. During the detox process we will prepare clients for ongoing treatment and set expectations.

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Who needs medical detox?

Medically supervised detox is appropriate for people with severe addictions or physical dependency, and those who have tried to quit on their own unsuccessfully.

Drugs cause neurological changes in the brain. With repeated use at high dosages, a person’s brain becomes reliant on the active ingredient(s) in the drug to produce a release of neurotransmitters. This causes the brain to produce fewer neurotransmitters on its own.

Part of the withdrawal process involves learning to cope with a minimal number of vital neurotransmitters until the brain heals and relearns to produce its own. It can be a difficult process, which is why it’s so important to have the right support.

The next steps after detox

Detox addresses the physiological component of addiction. But most people will still need help with the psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of addiction. This is where residential addiction treatment comes in.

Residential treatment combines individual counseling and group therapy, therapeutic tools which have been shown again and again to effectively help people identify the root cause of their addiction. Often, but not always, addiction is related to prior trauma or stress.

Adelante Recovery Center embraces the 12-step program, a well-established national social network designed to help people stay sober. Our counselors also use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other therapeutic approaches to give clients the skills and tools they’ll need for long-term sobriety.

Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is possible with the right help.

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