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Anxiety & Addiction Treatment in Orange County, CA

Anxiety Therapy and Trauma Treatment at Adelante Recovery Center

If you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), it can be hard to accomplish and enjoy everyday activities. It also happens that many people with GAD have a history of other problems, such as a traumatic past, addiction, or other mental disorder. All of this can really add up, and make it difficult to thrive, even for those with the best of intentions.

The residential program at Adelante Recovery Center is a safe place for you to heal, grow, and move past your previous obstacles that caused your anxiety in the first place.

From the moment you come to us, our caring intake counselors will want to know more about your story. What are your struggles and your successes? What has helped you, and what keeps you from achieving your goals? All of this information will be put together in an evaluation by the team of professionals at Adelante Recovery Center to figure out how best to help you recover and succeed in life.

It’s normal to worry sometimes, but if worry has taken over and kept you from achieving your goals, it can really take a toll on your life. Many people with GAD respond to their anxiety by letting go of friendships and spending most of their time at home in order to reduce their stress. They might begin to fail at school and work and avoid tasks they once enjoyed. GAD can be quite overwhelming and even affect your thought patterns. Some people try to cope (unsuccessfully) by trying to reduce their anxiety with drugs or alcohol. It’s also quite common to experience mysterious physical pain and bouts of depression. Suicide is a real risk for people who suffer from GAD, but there is hope.

There are many forms of treatment for GAD, but one of the most effective recovery methods is residential treatment. Here we treat the whole person with a high level of support and empathy as you discover new ways to cope with anxiety and learn to cope in the face of challenges. We offer a safe space to learn, grow, and heal. Our team of certified experts will work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses the whole you, not just GAD. We use evidence-based research in our treatment here at Adelante Recovery Center to give you the best in residential care treatment.

First, we’ll look for any underlying medical causes that might be a factor in your anxiety. We will also offer a full psychological evaluation to assess for any trauma, secondary mental disorders, and the level of anxiety you are experiencing in your daily life.

Many people with GAD have reduced symptoms of anxiety by taking medication. This allows you to attack other problem areas while addressing the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression. Sometimes medication is only needed for a short amount of time. For others it can be an ongoing way to reduce symptoms of GAD. Here at Adelante, we have a great medical team that can help find a medication regime that works for you so that you can begin the healing process.

We also provide individual therapy sessions to help you identify root causes of anxiety and learn new ways of coping and overcoming challenges in your life. We will also find ways to reduce unpleasant emotions such as anxiety and fear. One of the most effective forms of treatment for GAD is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which can help you understand the relationship between negative thought patterns and behaviors. In therapy, we give you a safe, caring, and confidential space where you can begin to identify your negative thought patterns, and come up with more healthy and positive ways to engage with the world.

Group therapy has also been shown to be a very effective way to reduce symptoms of GAD. In group therapy, you have a chance to connect with others who are also dealing with GAD and realize that you are not alone. We have many different group therapies to choose from at Adelante Recovery Center. In Process groups, you can problem solve with other people who have GAD. Psycho-educational groups provide a group learning environment where you will receive information about emotions, medication, and other related disorders. It is our hope that in these groups you can learn new ways to handle stressors, tricks for re-integrating yourself into society, and identifying any stimuli that might trigger your anxiety.

We don’t all come from perfect families, but families are an important part of our lives. That is why we provide family therapy, so that family members can join you in your path to recovery. We will work through different ways that family members can support your healing process, express their thoughts and feelings, and find resources of their own to help them find healing of their own.

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