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Licenses and Accreditations

Adelante Recovery adheres to the highest level of practice standards.

DHCS Certified

Adelante Recovery Center is licensed and certified by the Department of Health Care Services.

License #: 300716AP
Expiration Date: 02/28/2025

Excellence in Substance Abuse Treatment: The Importance of DHCS Accreditation

Adelante Recovery Center, accredited by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), exemplifies the highest standards in substance abuse treatment. 

Being licensed by the DHCS signifies that we adhere to stringent care and safety standards, ensuring the best possible treatment for our clients. This includes comprehensive medical support for detoxification, treatment, and recovery, as well as meticulous monitoring of health statuses and medication management. 

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment is supported by an interdisciplinary team of experts, emphasizing personalized care and medication-assisted treatment as needed. Our DHCS license is a testament to our dedication to providing effective, safe, and high-quality care to those embarking on their recovery journey at our facility in Orange County, CA.

Enhanced Healing: How IMS Certification Transforms Addiction Treatment

At Adelante Recovery Center, we are proud to be fully certified in Incidental Medical Services (IMS). This certification is a recognition of our commitment to delivering high-quality care and treatment services for those undergoing detoxification and recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. 

IMS certification means we have in-house medical providers to ensure that each client receives the necessary medical attention during their stay. This enhanced level of care allows us to offer more personalized and efficient treatment. We gather and utilize medical histories to tailor our approach, provide comprehensive treatment and detox services, including pharmaceutical interventions, and administer vital tests to monitor progress. 

Our ability to closely monitor each client’s health status ensures the highest level of care throughout their recovery journey. Choosing Adelante Recovery Center means opting for a facility that prioritizes personalized care and accurate progress monitoring in a medically supervised environment, providing a solid foundation for lifelong recovery.

Advancing Comprehensive Care: How CARF Accreditation Enhances Client-Centered Addiction Treatment

Adelante Recovery Center emphasizes the importance of trust and excellence in inpatient addiction treatment, proudly showcasing its CARF accreditation as a testament to their high standards and dedication to continuous improvement. 

This accreditation, granted by CARF (the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), is a significant marker of quality assurance, confirming that Adelante Recovery adheres to rigorous evaluation processes in client care, management, and accountability. 

The CARF standards, developed by a diverse team of professionals and consumers, ensure dignity and respect for individuals, emphasizing the importance of client-focused care and the constant evolution of service quality. Adelante Recovery’s commitment to these standards is a key aspect of our service, offering peace of mind and a foundation of trust to those seeking addiction treatment.

CARF Accredited Organization: Adelante Recovery Center
Organization Number: 371489
Survey Number: 176748
Survey Dates: October 9-11, 2023
Accreditation Decision: Three-Year Accreditation
Accreditation Expiration Date: 10/31/2026

Programs/Services Accredited by CARF:

  • Detoxification/Withdrawal Management – Residential – Substance Use Disorders/Addictions – Adults

  • Residential Treatment – Substance Use Disorders/Addictions – Adults

Commitment to Quality: Meeting Rigorous LegitScript Standards in Addiction Care

At Adelante Recovery Center, our LegitScript certification is a testament to our comprehensive adherence to high standards in the addiction treatment field. This certification process encompasses various critical areas: ensuring legal and business registration compliance, maintaining transparent online presence, implementing policies and procedures that emphasize best practices and effective recovery, and upholding transparency in all operations. 

Additionally, it verifies the qualifications and training of our clinical staff in addiction treatment, our accountability through background disclosures, and our commitment to safety and professionalism through adequate insurance coverage. This certification signifies our dedication to providing legally compliant, ethically sound, and high-quality care, ensuring a trusted and secure environment for those on their recovery journey.

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