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Depression & Addiction Treatment in Orange County, CA

Treating Depression at Adelante Recovery Center

Depression is a mental health condition that involves many factors that influence your treatment. Once you visit our program, you will be given a complete evaluation by our assessment team that provides us with insight into your symptoms that is used to develop the best treatment plan to fit your needs. Although most people who have depression share similar symptoms, there are many causes and effects along with complicating factors such as coexisting conditions that make each individual’s experience dealing with depression different.

When depression goes untreated, it can create long-term suffering and problems throughout each area of a person’s life. This is why mental health professionals and physicians sometimes recommend for a person to attend a residential program where the complex issues created by depression can be fully explored and healed. A residential program offers a safe place where you can feel comfortable delving into painful topics while learning how to manage the challenges that are presented by depression. The therapists who guide you through the program have all undergone training that enables them to help you work through your emotional pain while developing coping skills to deal with your problems.

Serious cases of depression generate symptoms that are so debilitating that you might not be able to function properly as you try to manage your daily responsibilities. This can affect every major area of your life. For example, chronic depression eventually leads to symptoms that alter your ability to think rationally as you make important decisions. Your job, social life and academic endeavors may also begin to suffer. In some instances, people try to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs in an attempt to deal with painful symptoms. Depression can also cause someone to engage in self-harm or suicide attempts due to the despair they feel emotionally. It is also important to note that depression often coexists with other mental health issues that complicate treatment such as anxiety disorders. It is also common for a person to first experience depression as a result of trauma.

Since depression is a complicated disorder that can be accompanied by other symptoms, it is important to treat it using resources such as multiple options for treatment, professional monitoring and support along with counseling that is provided in a residential program. Our recovery center provides services such as these to make sure that you get the most out of your depression treatment while also benefiting from being in a warm and nurturing environment. The reason why residential treatment is more effective than other options is because it gives you the opportunity to step away from the stresses of your home environment so that you can truly focus on your mental health. When recovery is what really matters, a residential program is the only place where you can invest all of your time in feeling better.

Adelante Recovery Center utilizes a variety of different types of treatment so that our clients with depression and coexisting disorders have options for finding a type of treatment that works. During the admissions process, you will experience several types of assessments that helps our treatment team figure out the best method of treatment to help you recover. A physical exam will help us determine if your symptoms are caused by medical problems, and a psychiatric evaluation is also used to identify potential coexisting disorders. Once these assessments are complete, the treatment then develops an individualized treatment plan so that you and your loved ones know what to expect during your stay.

In the beginning stages of treatment, medication may be necessary to help you reduce symptoms such as anxiety that interfere with your ability to think clearly. In some cases, people eventually can be taken off their medication slowly once they respond to the coping skills that they are learning in therapy. Others stay on their medicine for long-term depression management. Since everyone’s needs for medication are different, yours will be monitored by our professional staff so that adjustments can be made as needed.

Along with medication, different types of therapy are provided. Individual therapy helps you deal with personal problems that contribute to or may be caused by your depression. Group therapy allows you to work with others to deal with issues such as addiction, self-harm, anxiety and trauma. In family therapy, you will work with your loved ones to overcome challenges caused by depression. In each of these types of therapy, you will learn coping mechanisms that allow you to regain control over your thoughts and emotions so that you can get back to enjoying life again.

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