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Paying for Rehab Treatment

Learn more about paying for rehab treatment at Adelante Recovery.

Treatment at a rehabilitation center is often the first step for people seeking recovery from substance abuse. Rehab expenses are one of the primary components people consider before entering treatment.

It’s essential to recognize that a person’s rehab expenses will match their level of care. Most rehabilitation centers offer inpatient and outpatient treatment. Inpatient rehab centers involve a recovering client staying overnight at the facility. Meals and overnight shelter are two primary reasons why an inpatient rehab center stay is the costliest form of care.

Outpatient rehabilitation consists of a client undergoing day or evening treatment before going home at night. People that have a strong support system outside of their treatment center can benefit from an outpatient program. A quality support system can consist of a safe place to sleep and family members that support a treatment plan.

People seeking treatment can begin their rehabilitation process by calling a program. An intake or consultation-style interview typically follows the initial call. A person entering recovery can speak to the intake specialist about their situation and receive a program recommendation.

A separate rehabilitation staff member will then go over costs with a potential client and run rehab insurance verification. Most people use insurance plans to cover part of their treatment costs.

Questions about Paying for Rehab Treatment

The quality of insurance you own dictates how much you’ll end up paying for rehab treatment. A best-case scenario is your insurance covering most of your treatment. You would then only have to pay a smaller portion of the overall cost out of pocket.

You don’t have to sweat over your insurance plan not paying for rehab. Insurance can cover the cost of rehab because addiction is a medical disease. Group plans are an example of health insurance that companies can offer employees. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 requires group plans to cover substance abuse treatment.1

Private insurance plans provide the most options for people paying for rehab. You’re not out of luck if you can’t afford private insurance though. Back in 2010, President Obama put forth the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which funds public health insurance plans.

The Affordable Care Act mentions addiction treatment programs as an “essential health benefit.”2 It’s vital to understand that public health insurance plans may not provide the amount of coverage you’re seeking. A case of partial coverage might include detox rehab programs but not inpatient treatment.

Paying for rehab without insurance is a reality that many people face. You won’t face a dead-end without insurance. There are plenty of additional options to explore. Let’s examine what some of these options look like.

You might be nervous about discussing a future rehabilitation stay with your employer. The most common fear that people have is losing their job while in treatment. The argument against this fear is that a person can lose a lot more than just their job from addiction. Getting help should be someone’s number one priority.

An employer can offer you more help than you might think. Some employers can offer coverage. Other companies might offer to put money toward your treatment. An employee can attempt to negotiate an extended leave if they’re worried about losing their job.

A large number of treatment centers offer payment plans so you can fund your rehabilitation stay in increments. This type of rehabilitation financing operates in the same fashion as traditional loans.

Many states offer free rehab programs for low-income individuals without insurance. People that gain admittance into free rehab programs have to check certain boxes. These requirements might include an addiction status that prompts a dire need for intervention.

Rehabilitation centers often stress the importance of family during addiction recovery. Communicating with your family about trouble paying for rehab can possibly generate assistance.

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Adelante Recovery in Orange County, CA

Substance abuse requires a response that’s coordinated by experts. Adelante Recovery in Orange County understands how everyone has their own path to recovery. Our commitment to teaching recovery helps us to formulate an individualized approach for all of our clients.

People in early recovery can benefit from our rehab center’s holistic approach and tranquil environment in sunny Orange County. We tackle addiction treatment and the co-occurring disorders that often accompany substance abuse. A person’s mind, body, and spirit all hold equal importance in our program.

Adelante Recovery in Orange County offers a wide range of in-depth programs that help individuals grow in early recovery. Our safe and effective detox program can represent the first step of your recovery or someone you know. Residential services at Adelante Recovery in Orange County give clients the opportunity to minimize outside world distractions for more effective healing. Individual and group therapy sessions guide a person through the early stages of their recovery and provide valuable insight.

We can help you or someone close to you take the first step toward recovery. Contact Adelante Recovery in Orange County today at (949) 427-9099 to get started.

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