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PTSD & Trauma Addiction Therapy in Orange County, CA

PTSD & Trauma Addiction Treatment Therapy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) does not go away. Ignoring the symptoms of PTSD and trauma may seem like the best way to deal with this condition, but the affects can cause self-destructive and dangerous behavior over time. People suffering from PTSD long-term have been known to physically harm themselves and sometimes the people they love, as well as develop unhealthy addictions such as binge eating, overworking, drugs and alcohol, porn, and gambling.

Adelante Recovery Center can help. At Adelante, a patient’s treatment is based on their symptoms and coping mechanisms by helping them to develop more constructive and effective habits.

PTSD and trauma can develop in many ways; not all of them being violent or unexpected. In some cases, emotional issues evolve over extended periods of time. For instance, abandonment, abuse (sexual, physical or verbal), or other emotional or repeated events can cause PTSD to manifest over time.

Because everyone is different, each person’s response to trauma can be different. Some will lash out at those around them, others will keep so busy that they don’t have time to think about or acknowledge their issues, and others will mentally repress them. This can lead to feelings of “numbness,” alienation, and sometimes the loss of desire to continue living.

Many people cope with feelings of being scared or threatened by relying on friends, family or counselors for support. Others either do not have a support network or just can’t get past their emotional scars. As time progresses, their level of function drops, often interfering with the ability to hold a job and deal with everyday life. Many withdraw from loved ones, as well as society, lose their jobs, and become completely withdrawn.

At Adelante Recovery Center, we provide a support system for PTSD patients to prevent these impacts before they happen, or reverse them if they already have.

The people close to PTSD patients often don’t understand what is wrong with their loved one and struggle with feelings of rejection, hurt and confusion. This puts additional strain on the relationship, which can exacerbate PTSD symptoms and accelerate the cycle of mental deterioration in a PTSD sufferer.

Adelante can help rebuild your relationships and help patients, their families and friends recognize triggers that can set a patient back or prompt unhealthy coping mechanisms to take place. We’re here to help you through your troubled times, working individually with PTSD sufferers and loved ones to replace negative experiences and memories with positive growth while bringing joy back into daily lives.

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How can Adelante help you?

To help trauma and PTSD patients, Adelante Recovery Center takes a unique approach. We closely exam what caused the PTSD or trauma conditions and the effect that emotional pain is having on that person. The healing process happens through a combination of addiction treatment programs, including clinical therapy and counseling, a 12-step recovery program and holistic medicine. Adelante’s therapists take a whole family approach, working with the patient and their loved ones in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere in order to build a safe environment for successful treatment to take place.

At Adelante Recovery Center, our therapists are trained specifically to work with trauma and PTSD clients, so call to see how we can help you or your loved one start healing today. Don’t try to get through this alone. Our staff is here to help.

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