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Sober Living Homes in Orange County, CA

Sober Living Housing in Southern California

Do you know someone, perhaps yourself, who is fighting to stop drinking or using drugs? Sober living homes could very well be an option you’re looking for. Sober living homes are group homes for those recovering from their issues with addiction. While residing in a sober living home, certain rules must be followed. Those living there will also contribute to the home by doing chores. Residents are required to stay sober throughout their entire stay. The environment a sober living home provides can help support sobriety and it can also help an addict or alcoholic adjust to living their lives without an addiction. It is also a way to transition from rehab to living independently.

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Sober living homes are group homes for those struggling with addiction. Some of these group homes are owned by businesses or even by charity organizations, but most of the sober living homes are privately owned. These homes are generally located in quiet areas to help foster peaceful environment for addicts to recover. Adelante Recovery’s sober living facilities are located in Southern California, and are a safe, luxurious place to continue your recovery after residential treatment.

Sober living home are unlike rehab centers in that rehab centers generally offer more a recovery experience that is much more intensive while giving their residents less freedom. Those recovering in a sober living home typically come and go as they please, provided the follow the rules set in place. Some homes have a specific curfew time, some require the resident to go to work during the day. These residents are also subject to random drug testing as proof of their sobriety.

As addicts recover, responsibility is a key step in their healing. So those in a sober living home are expected to be responsible for themselves. This can be rough for the addict as addiction can cause people to sometimes act in irresponsible ways. Friends and family also make it tough on an addict by enabling them. Therefore, one of the responsibilities an addict must face is paying rent. They will also buy their own food and handle many tasks they would face if living in a regular home.

Each sober living home has their own rules, though there are some rules which are common in most sober environments. A resident must agree to the facilities rules when they move in and any violation of these rules has consequences. The type of violation determines the consequence. Some residents may have to pay a fine. One may also have to make amends to a fellow resident or even write an essay about their violation. Unfortunately, some residents may be asked to leave the home because of the severity of their violation.

The main rule in all sober living homes which residents must follow is staying sober. There is no bend in that rule. Residents are not allowed to use drugs or alcohol. Certain mouthwash or cooking ingredients can lead to a false positive during a random drug screening as they contain alcohol and for this reason, residents aren’t allowed to use them.

Other sober living home rules include going to work or school during the day. Residents are also expected to contribute to the home by way of chores. Fighting or violence toward other residents is strictly prohibited. Facility rules are put in place to help recovering addicts learn responsibility for themselves and for their behavior.

Most homes don’t restrict who may apply to live there, but most of the residents have previously gone through a rehab program before settling in at a sober living home. This benefits the recovering addict because with some sobriety in hand as well as tools to help them stay sober, they will be more likely to succeed in a sober living environment than a person new to recovery.

Now this is not saying a sober living home wouldn’t take one who is new to the rehab process. As long as the new resident is willing to stay sober and abide by the house rules, many facilities will take in a newly recovering addict. At the very least though, newly recovering addicts should have completed a detox program to help cure their physical addiction to ensure they aren’t acutely ill and unable to work while residing in the sober house.

Sober living homes are typically cheaper than rehab because the staff provides fewer services. The residents are still required to attend their 12-step or Smart Recovery program meetings on a regular basis. They may also be expected to see a therapist while living at the facility. Most sober living homes truly attempt to ensure the facility is affordable so those who desire to remain sober can do so in a safe, affordable environment.


Sober living homes are not for every recovering addict. Some will need the benefits of detox or inpatient rehab before finding their place in a sober living home. Once there though, these facilities are great avenues for support. They teach responsibility while keeping expectations high, giving residents a sense of purpose. They get support from one another on their committed journey to sobriety.

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