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Dual-Diagnosis Rehab

Southern California Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Adelante Recovery Centers

At Adelante Recovery Centers in Newport Beach, CA, we believe in providing the best possible care and treatment for all of our clients. Until you receive the help you need, it’s often difficult to reach the full mental health and addiction-free lifestyle you so desperately crave. Whether you are the one suffering from addiction or have had to watch a loved one succumb to it, there is no torture like being unable to break the cycle.

This becomes especially difficult when the individual is also suffering from a mental disorder. When this is the case, it is even harder for people to separate reality from the illusions that are sometimes created by chronic substance abuse. That’s where dual diagnosis treatment comes in.

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What Is Dual Diagnosis?

When an individual is both addicted to substances and suffering from mental health issues, the combination is termed “dual diagnosis.” As the name suggests, there are two separate issues going on. One the one hand, the person is dealing with a variety of mental health issues, which could include:

… or some combination of the above. At the same time, the individual is also suffering from the many side effects of chronic substance abuse, which include:

  • Nausea
  • Cravings
  • Feelings of unreality
  • Paranoia
  • Impulsivity
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

… and others. Because the two are so distinct, they each need their own treatment plans.

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How Do Mood Disorders Affect Addiction?

Adding to the problem is the fact that each disorder contributes significantly to the other. Mental health issues are extremely distressing, causing sleep disorders, trouble working, problems with friends, phobias, fear and a host of other unpleasant factors. Many people self-medicate in order to control these feelings. Alcohol and drugs can cause euphoria where formerly there was depression, calm where formerly only anxiety existed, and so on.

At the same time, substance abuse strengthens the power of mental health symptoms, making it harder to determine reality, fight feelings of anxiety and depression, and live a normal life.


For people facing feelings of deep sadness and hopelessness, drugs or alcohol can seem like an escape. Over time, the side effects and the worsening cycle of addiction only add to the despair of the mental illness.



Anxiety gears up the central nervous system, leaving a person feeling on edge. Depressants like alcohol may offer temporary relief at a terrible cost. Addiction often worsens mental health symptoms, leading to further use that doesn’t address the anxiety disorder.


ADHD involves areas of increased and reduced brain activity, and stimulants like Adderall are usually safe and effective for helping to both focus and reduce impulsivity. However, stimulants are also very addictive when misused, whether it’s a prescription or an illegal drug like cocaine. ADHD symptoms like impulsivity may also be a risk factor for substance use.

bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Untreated bipolar disorder can be exhausting. Drugs and alcohol may initially be coping mechanisms to help a person feel more in charge of their moods. However, they destabilize things further, making manic and depressive mood swings worse.

PTSD and Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma are common co-occurring disorders with substance abuse. Haunted by traumatic memories and intense anxiety, a person may turn to substances to numb the feelings. Drugs and alcohol worsen them, and recovery is difficult if the underlying trauma isn’t healed.

PTSD and Trauma


Even if there isn’t a clear co-occurring disorder, stress can play a role in developing and recovering from addiction. If the person isn’t given new tools to relieve and manage stress, they may be at higher risk of relapse.

How Can Dual Disorder Mental Health Addiction Programs Help?

Dual disorder treatment, therefore, is far more effective than any treatment program that relies solely on addressing one or the other problem. With a treatment program that addresses both at once, the individual can both begin working through the mental health issues while simultaneously addressing the cravings, urges, impulsivity, and other factors that come with addiction.

Treatment techniques may include individual therapy, group therapy, withdrawal medication, 12-step programs, and medical detox. Often, our professional therapists will prescribe a combination of techniques to ensure full coverage and the best chance of recovery.

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The Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Process

The Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Process

Here’s how mental health addiction programs work at our dual diagnosis treatment centers in southern California:

  1. At our dual diagnosis treatment center, we start with an assessment of your physical health, mental health and substance use history. This is when we’ll diagnose any co-occurring conditions.
  2. Next, we develop an integrated, holistic therapy treatment plan for your addiction and any underlying mental illness.
  3. During treatment for dual diagnosis disorders, you’ll attend individual and group sessions of evidence-based therapy, as well as begin taking any appropriate medication that may be prescribed.
  4. Our addiction recovery center offers family therapy. We can help you work through issues with family and help them prepare to support your recovery.
  5. We’ll continue to re-assess your progress over time to help you stay on track.

Why Choose Adelante Recovery Centers in Orange County for Dual Diagnosis Rehab?

At our Newport Beach rehab centers, our qualified mental health professionals and addiction specialists are passionate about helping you thrive. We know that a substance use disorder is just one part of the picture, and we create customized, whole-person treatment plans to address your individual challenges. With our unique approach, evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and safe medication-assisted treatment, our rehab facilities in Orange County help people make lasting change.

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Adelante Recovery Centers

Residential Treatment from Experts in Recovery

At Adelante Recovery Centers, our treatment programs are effective and compassionate, bringing many patients out of the darkness of addiction and mental health disorders and into the light of full, productive, and loving lives.

If you or a loved one wants to focus on personal recovery in a patient-centered setting, Adelante can help. Our centers are conveniently located, invite family participation, and provide a full range of treatment options to ensure the highest level of success. Our clients routinely leave our centers with the ability to live meaningfully and withstand the challenges of everyday living in the future.

We want to help. Contact us today.

If you or a loved one are in need of help with addiction, contact us today. Our professional and friendly addiction specialists are able to answer your questions and get things moving in the right direction.

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