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Despite how it’s often portrayed, addiction isn’t just a problem for younger people. Seniors also struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, yet they may be more reluctant to ask for help. Older people have decades of life experience and the wisdom that comes with it. Many are proud of their resilience and independence—but everyone needs help from time to time.

Adelante’s specialized programs for older adults are designed to address the specific concerns seniors face. Our modern inpatient senior rehab center features comfortable amenities and sweeping views of the ocean—a tranquil setting for recovery.

Our goal is to get you healthy and back to your independent life.

Age-specific Risk Factors for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Older adults have specific risk factors for drug and alcohol abuse. These can include:

  • Retirement: It’s something most of us dream about, but retirement can leave some of us with sudden feelings of confusion about our place in the world or lack of purpose. Feeling lost or lonely in retirement or dealing with financial struggles leads some to turn to alcohol or drugs for comfort.
  • Health problems/chronic pain: Older individuals are more likely to struggle with at least one chronic health condition, whether it’s arthritis, cancer, or diabetes. Prescription drugs, especially opioids and benzodiazepines, come with risks. What starts out as normal, prescribed use can escalate into addiction or dependence.
  • Isolation and loneliness: For many people, work is a primary source of social contact. These contacts can fade away after retirement, and it can be hard to recreate networks of friends built up over a lifetime. Some people may cope with feelings of loneliness or isolation by drinking more or taking prescription pills or other substances to numb the pain.
  • Changes in sleep patterns: Older adults often struggle with sleep issues. Some may turn to alcohol, sleeping pills, or the over-the-counter remedies. But these substances can have harmful effects and lead to dependency, especially when taken long term.
  • Grief: It’s inevitable that we’ll lose friends and family members as we grow older. Seniors who don’t have the right support groups or coping skills to deal with loss may turn to substances to ease the pain.

Getting the Right Help

Adelante Recovery Center understands that seniors have specific needs when it comes to addiction treatment. We create personalized older adult addiction treatment programs to meet each person’s unique physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs. Our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program generally consists of:

  • Medical and psychological assessments by trained professionals
  • Chronic pain management, as needed
  • Daily individual and group therapy sessions led by trained counselors and therapists
  • Dual diagnosis care for clients with co-occurring mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • On-site medically supervised detox services
  • Medication management, as needed
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Relapse prevention training

Our residential treatment center in Corona del Mar, CA is comfortably appointed to feel like a home away from home—with an ocean view.

Learn more about our Orange County drug and alcohol rehab for older adults by calling (949) 427-9099. Recovery is possible at Adelante.

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