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Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County, CA

At Adelante Recovery Center in Newport Beach, we offer addiction treatment for a wide variety of substances. With professional care, tailored addiction treatment programs, and evidence-based methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and the 12-step program, we set our clients up for long-term success.

Alcohol addiction is fairly common and can occur alone or alongside other drug addiction signs and symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and our drug and alcohol rehab helps individuals detoxify safely. We then teach new, alcohol-free coping strategies.

Even though antidepressants aren’t illegal drugs, taking them improperly can still lead to substance abuse. We help our clients taper down from excess medication, understand the causes of addiction, and find a safe way to manage their mental health.

Benzodiazepines like Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, and Xanax can be extremely addictive and damaging when taken incorrectly. Our inpatient rehab helps eliminate dependency on benzos, examine underlying mental health problems, and plan for a sober life without these powerful depressants.

No matter which form of this stimulant a person is using, crack/cocaine addiction damages their body, mind, and life. It’s critical that individuals get help from a drug addiction specialist. Our Newport Beach rehab offers a safe, comfortable place to detox and receive behavioral and mental health treatment.

Fentanyl is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid used to treat severe pain. Unfortunately, its power also makes it a high risk for substance abuse. Fentanyl addiction has become a crisis in recent years, but we can help individuals escape drug use with medical detox, individual therapy, group therapy, and aftercare.

Opioids like heroin are highly addictive and have a high risk of overdose. Without the right help, opioid addiction can quickly become fatal. At our Southern California facility, we provide monitored detox, tailored treatment plans, and appropriate medication-assisted treatment.

Heavy marijuana use may become a psychological addiction that negatively impacts functioning and relationships. Our addiction recovery programs help individuals stop using the drug, explore their reliance on it, treat any coexisting mental health disorder, and learn to cope without marijuana.

Methamphetamine is extremely dangerous, with risks of serious lasting physical and mental harm. It’s critical to get professional help for meth addiction, and our holistic approach tackles it from all angles. We use medical detox, therapy, and other addiction treatment methods to help clients build a life free from drugs.

Morphine is a commonly prescribed painkiller that does its job well, but it also has a high risk of opiate addiction. When relief turns into a life-threatening physical dependence, our addiction recovery center can help people safely detox from morphine and build a life without drug use.

OxyContin is powerful for treating severe pain, but this opioid can also be extremely physically addicting. In our addiction treatment center, we help clients get safely through OxyContin withdrawal symptoms, process issues in therapy programs, and learn new skills for long-term success.

Some prescription medications have a high potential for abuse. When used improperly, they may lead to psychological or physical dependence. We help clients overcome all kinds of prescription pill addictions, including opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants (like Adderall), and more.

Vicodin is an opioid painkiller that can be extremely addictive. Even with a legitimate prescription, it can be tempting to rely on it too much or for too long. When a physical addiction takes hold, professional help is crucial. Our inpatient drug treatment programs help ease withdrawals during detox and help people move forward without substance use.

Xanax is a powerful medication that can provide sedative relief when taken appropriately. Unfortunately, it also carries a risk of drug addiction. Our rehab is a safe place to detox from Xanax, work through any underlying mental health condition, and find healthier ways to move forward.

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No matter what kind of addiction or mental health disorder someone is struggling with, it’s important to reach out to drug addiction treatment professionals for effective treatment across different levels of care. Contact us today and discover how our facility for drug addiction in California can help.

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