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For the Month of January 2022

Published by Admin at January 18, 2022

Substance Abuse in Males vs. Females

Addiction never looks the same in any two people. Like many other diseases, addiction doesn't just affect people differently, but it can manifest in very different ways. Understanding how addiction affects men and women uniquely and that the recovery process isn’t the same for everyone can help you find the right treatment and program for you. One of the biggest differences in substance abuse comparisons of males and females is that males are overall more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol compared to women. However,…

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Published by Admin at January 1, 2022

4 Ways to Cope with Strong Emotions Without Drugs or Alcohol

Experiencing strong, dangerous emotions in recovery can be alarming and difficult to deal with. One of the most important parts of starting a healthy recovery journey is to learn how to deal with powerful negative emotions without turning to drugs or alcohol. Why Is It Challenging to Stay Sober While Experiencing Strong Emotions? Coping without alcohol and drugs can be very difficult for someone in recovery. Often, one of the reasons they started using in the first place was self-medicating to deal with stress, sadness,…

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