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Signs Your College Athlete Is Using Drugs

The connection between college athletes and drugs has grown exponentially over the years. More and more student-athletes are turning to narcotics or alcohol for performance boosts, dealing with physical pain, or managing undiagnosed mental illnesses.

Two of the primary links between college athletes and performance-enhancing drugs are the use of stimulants and steroids, which can boost their athletic performance but wreak havoc on their overall health.

Drug use in college athletes is often caused by the pressures they experience to perform well or keep up with their studies and training. Recognizing the signs of drug use in your college athlete early on can help you approach the subject and seek treatment before the addiction has become too developed and, therefore, more difficult to address.

This simple infographic covers the warning signs and most common drugs used by college students so that you can determine if you need to seek professional help.

Adelante Recovery offers specialized inpatient residential treatment for athletes struggling with substance abuse and addiction, including intensive group and individual therapy to identify the causes and underlying factors contributing to the development of the disorder.

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Signs Your College Athlete Is Using Drugs Infographic

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