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10 Motivational Mantras for Addiction Recovery

Mantras to overcome addiction may seem like empty promises or pointless repetitions to some, but the truth is there is a lot of power behind positive affirmations and envisioning yourself and your future in a positive way.

What’s a Mantra?

A mantra is a saying, phrase, or motto that you frequently repeat as a form of encouragement to increase your focus or help center your life on your journey or well-being. For people struggling with addiction recovery, mantras can be a powerful way to stay determined and sober.

10 Motivational Mantras

1. One Day at a Time

Addiction treatment and recovery can be overwhelming, and being told to “just take it one day at a time” is usually not enough to reassure anyone. However, reminding yourself that you don’t have to rush or feel pressure to reach a specific goal to validate your progress is vital to maintaining your mental health and stability through recovery.

2. Sobriety Is Freedom

Staying sober often feels like a restriction on what you used to see as fun. Repeatedly reminding yourself of the benefits that come with being sober and how sobriety has given you freedom and control over your own life can be uplifting and encouraging.

3. It’s a Process

Recovery from abusing drugs or alcohol is not a one-day process. It takes time, mistakes, and a lot of learning. When you start to feel the pressure to reach a milestone or not feel a certain way anymore, it’s important to remind yourself that recovery is a process that takes a different amount of time and effort for anyone experiencing it.

4. It’s Worth It

Spending time, money, and a lot of effort on reaching or maintaining sobriety can be challenging. However, reminding yourself that being sober is worth it, and of all the people you’ve met, experiences you’ve had, and achievements you made can help remind you that getting and staying sober is worth the effort.

5. I Am Not Alone

Alcohol and drug addiction recovery can feel like a lonely journey, but the truth is it isn’t. Millions of people worldwide know what you are going through, and finding comfort in that sense of community can help you garner the strength to continue.

6. What Other People Think Is None of My Concern

It’s impossible to tell people what they can or can’t think. It’s equally difficult to influence someone’s thoughts and feelings when it comes to you, who you are, what you’re doing with your life, or your recovery process.

So if telling unsupportive people that your life and experiences are none of their concern doesn’t get the message across, remind yourself that what other people think doesn’t have to be any of your concern either.

7. Progress Not Perfection

Whether in addiction treatment programs or after you leave rehab, mistakes can and will happen. Focusing on progress, not perfection, and continually moving forward no matter how slowly, is the goal. You don’t have to be the poster child for substance abuse recovery, as long as you are moving forward at your own pace.

8. I Can Do Hard Things

Recovery is hard, but humans were made to do hard things. We’ve overcome centuries of hardship, and you are stronger than you expect. Focusing on the fact that you can do things that seem difficult or impossible can help keep you in the best mindset to stay focused on your health and sobriety.

9. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

During recovery, you may experience sudden changes, friends may come or go, family relationships may be upended, but all of this is part of the journey you’re going through. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and keeping in mind that change can be a positive thing may help you take it as it comes.

10. I Can Ask for Help

Just like you are not alone in your recovery journey, you are not alone in your struggles to stay sober. You are allowed to ask for help from support groups or a treatment center, and reminding yourself of that can help you feel more secure and supported in your sobriety.

When and How to Use These Mantras

Mantras can be used at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. However, some situations or places can help reinforce their meanings even more deeply, including:


Yoga creates self-awareness, strength, and a sense of calm. Using your mantras as you participate in a yoga class or practice on your own can help the words find new meaning and create more of an impact on your mental health.


Meditation can play a vital role in recovery, helping create self-awareness and improving your sense of control over your life and surroundings. Using mantras during meditation can be profoundly beneficial to your mental health and stability.

Falling Asleep at Night

Reminding yourself that you are worthy and strong enough to achieve lifelong sobriety should be a daily practice. Doing so before you go to bed can help improve your sleep and leave you waking in the morning more determined than ever to keep moving forward.

In a Moment of Need

Mantras are a great way of calming or recentering yourself in a moment of need. Often they can help remind you what you’re working toward and give you the awareness necessary to remove yourself from harmful situations.

Looking at Yourself in the Mirror

Looking at yourself in the mirror while repeating your mantras can be calming and empowering, a little like giving yourself a personal pep talk. It can also help you gain perspective on your situation and surroundings and give you a moment away to calm down and recollect yourself.

One of the most important mantras, “I can ask for help,” is essential when you feel you are struggling—and it’s not only a mantra. It’s meant to be taken very literally. So if you feel overwhelmed or need support, reaching out to a therapist, support group, or a treatment facility for assistance can be a significant help.

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