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Adelante Recovery Center Featured in Newsweek’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers of California

Adelante Recovery Center has been mentioned in Newsweek’s choice of America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers, 2021. As a luxury rehab center based in Corona Del Mar, California, Adelante Recovery Center has provided individuals struggling with addiction and substance abuse with high-quality rehab programs for years.

Adelante Recovery Center Ranked Among Top Addiction Treatment Centers in California

On the list of the best recovery centers in America, Adelante ranked at 54, with an overall score of 84.90%. Among other substance abuse treatment centers on the list, most of which are based in California, this evaluation represents years of work and learning to make Adelante Recovery Center a high-quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that provides personalized treatment for each participant.

What Makes Adelante Different?

Years of experience have helped Adelante evolve into an effective treatment center that offers its clients holistic, evidence-based modalities and programs catering to their individual needs. However, that’s not all that sets them apart.

Experienced, Passionate Team

Led by a board-certified family practice and addictionologist, the team working to make Adelante one of the best rehabs in the country is highly experienced in their fields. Made up of doctors, nurses, and counselors, each staff member works with the understanding that no recovery journey is the same and that every participant must be treated as an individual for the program to be effective.

Loved by Past Patients

Patient testimonials are evidence of the personalized care and rapport built between staff and patients. Past participants in Adelante’s programs laud the kindness, professionalism, and care with which they are treated.

There is no endorsement more valuable than that of the individuals a rehab treats, and the testimonials provided by Adelante Recovery Center alumni testify to the quality of care patients receive.

Wholistic Approach to Recovery

Adelante Recovery Center focuses on far more than just the addiction. As part of the varied list of services provided, individuals are reassured that every aspect of their mental, physical, and spiritual health can be cared for. The team at Adelante doesn’t just see individuals as problems to be solved, but people who need complex help and specialized, personal approaches to recovery.

Wide Range of Programs

Adelante Recovery Center offers a vast range of different treatment programs and modalities. Detoxification, residential inpatient, and dual-diagnosis programs are all available to individuals seeking help.

In addition to regular therapies and treatment plans, Adelante also provides highly specialized programs for seniors, military staff and veterans, and athletes. Each of these demographics experiences addiction in a vastly different form than others, and that individuality and nuance are respected and catered to by every staff member at the facility.

How Adelante Can Help You or Your Loved One

If a loved one or you are struggling with addiction or substance abuse, Adelante Recovery Center can help. Simply contact our experienced team at (949) 427-9099 to get the advice, assistance, and guidance you need to enter treatment and take your first step toward lifelong recovery.

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