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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Give to Someone in Recovery

Finding gifts for newly sober loved ones can be challenging, especially around the festive season, where many socially acceptable gifts revolve around alcohol.

Just because your loved one is in recovery doesn’t mean all your gifts need to be rehab-related. Sometimes, the best unique recovery gifts you can give a person recovering from addiction is a sense of normalcy that allows them to find new hobbies to replace their old habits without making them feel as though their addiction or rehab treatment defines who they are.

Top 5 Gifts for Sober Friends and Family

1. Experiences

For many individuals coming out of addiction treatment, life can sometimes feel boring and dull compared to their days before getting help.

Giving them a fun experience like tickets to a movie, concert, theme park, art museum, or even a pottery class could help them find the fun in life after addiction treatment and help them rediscover their love for music, art, or just going out and having a substance- and stress-free good time.

2. Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with a gift card to their favorite clothing store, bookshop, or self-care store. Whether they’re the type of person who loves spending the festive season curled up with a book, or they use shopping to blow off some steam, gift cards are an easy gift that will always be appreciated.

3. Craft and Hobby Supplies

The festive season is a great time to jump back into the hobbies and activities you love. Giving your loved one things like puzzles, craft kits, or musical instruments could encourage them to try new things and find enjoyment in the holiday season.

4. Stress Reduction Tools

Rehab centers typically have various activities and tools to help participants reduce stress and ease their anxiety. Leaving their rehab center behind and entering a less controlled, more chaotic world can be a challenge to anyone who struggles with addiction.

Whether it’s a journal for someone who likes to air out their emotions on paper, a yoga mat, essential oils, or even a coloring book, giving your loved one the tools they need to find a sense of calm when they become stressed or anxious could be one of the best gifts possible.

5. Uplifting Entertainment

Sometimes the best gifts are the traditional ones: games, movies, and books. As long as these gifts have an overall positive or uplifting message and steer clear of any mention of drugs, alcohol, or related paraphernalia, it could be a great choice, especially if your loved one enjoyed these things before entering rehab.

Facing the fact that someone you love is struggling with addiction can be tough and disheartening. Reaching out to people who understand what you are going through and who offer experienced advice could make all the difference. Adelante Recovery Center has all the resources available to help you find answers and advice to help yourself or your loved one struggling with addiction.

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