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How Long Is a Residential Inpatient Treatment Program Stay?

One common question people have when they are ready to start their journey on the road to recovery is how long they will need to stay in a residential inpatient treatment program. The length of treatment will vary based on the individual, type of substance or substances being abused, and other such factors—like if there are any co-occurring disorders.

Treatment program stays can range from 30 days to 12 months. A 30-day inpatient treatment program is a good starting point for many people. They may have specific reasons why they cannot stay longer, as when they have a family or job commitments.

Other people enroll in a 30-day program and then determine if they need to stay longer and extend their stay 30 days at a time. Another option is a 60-day treatment program. With the added time, the individual will have more time to work on specific issues and problems that contributed to their substance abuse problem.

Ideally, a 90-day program is best, as it enables participants with the tools and skills needed to live a sober life one day at a time. People learn about proper nutrition, how to cook and prepare meals, exercise and fitness, relaxation, stress-relief techniques, and more. Furthermore, people who complete a 90-day program have a higher probability of avoiding a relapse.

How to Choose the Right Residential Inpatient Treatment Program Stay

The first step on the road to recovery for any substance abuse problem is detox. You must get rid of the substance from your body. Certain substances can take longer to be fully removed, such as methadone and other prescription drugs. Some of these drugs can remain in the body for about two months.

So, the length of the program stay recommended will be based on how long full detox is going to take. It is important to stress that each person is different and has different needs and requirements. It is essential to take the time you need to develop solid and stable foundations crucial for your recovery.

For some people, this could take longer than 90 days. It is better for you in the long run to take the extra time you need now than risk a relapse with a shorter program stay.

What Happens After a Residential Inpatient Treatment Program Stay

There are several different options, which, again, are based on your individual needs. Some people find that transitioning to an outpatient treatment program is necessary for their recovery. Other people find that they are not fully ready and still want to take things slowly.

For these people, a sober living facility is often a good choice. There are several benefits of sober living homes that continue to support ongoing recovery, including:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Safe, Sober, and Judgment-Free Environment
  • A Support Network

Outpatient treatment programs are also a part of sober living homes. They continue to provide a structured environment and the motivation to stay sober.

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