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How to Decide if Rehabilitation Is the Right Choice for Treatment

Although there are millions who need substance abuse treatment, many do not receive it due to shame, denial, or uncertainty. There are many factors that indicate it’s time to enter drug and alcohol rehab. Here are some signs that can help you make this important decision.

You Can’t Get Through the Day Without It

In the beginning, you may have used on a recreational basis, but addiction is a progressive disease that causes individuals to want more over time. Although you may have felt like you could handle it, early on, you may now feel as though you need to use to make it through the day. This is a strong sign that help is needed.

Relationships Aren’t What They Used to Be

Do you feel that your family and spousal relationships are strained? Have you noticed that you’re more irritable or find yourself being defensive and engaging in more arguments than you used to? If there is distance between you and your loved ones and you’ve been using, substance abuse rehab may be the healthy choice.

Health Problems Are Beginning to Develop

You may have been using for a while with no physical problems to speak of. However, these issues can take a while to manifest themselves to the point that you notice. If you’re beginning to have health issues as the result of using, it’s imperative that you seek help as soon as possible, both for overcoming addiction and correcting your health before it worsens.

Using Is the Priority

The need to use can cause an individual to prioritize this over everything else. You may have called in sick to work or missed appointments. Perhaps you’ve stopped engaging in activities you used to enjoy or find yourself missing important events. All of these can damage your relationships and are serious indicators that it’s time to get help.

Financial Problems

When addiction takes priority over work, financial problems can be the result. This can also occur as the result of needing more of a substance as addiction progresses. If you are using and are having financial problems, contacting a rehab may be the solution.

You’ve Had Enough

You may have been struggling for some time to stop using and have had enough of going through the same motions day after day with no end in sight. It’s perfectly normal to feel exhausted and hopeless from feeling trapped by addiction or trying to hide it. If this is what you’re experiencing, the best decision could be rehab.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to recover from addiction by yourself. When it’s time to seek help, Adelante Recovery Center offers modern and customized addiction treatment programs. Group and individual counseling, a 12-step approach, and a focus on body, mind, and spirit are offered from our residential facility in Corona Del Mar.

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