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How to Make Sober Friends

Many people underestimate the important role of friendship in addiction recovery. Once you leave a rehab or treatment center, you may be confronted with feelings of sudden loneliness or like you aren’t as fun as you used to be before becoming sober, which could lead to a negative emotional spiral and, in severe cases, relapse.

Why Make Sober Friends?

Sober friends are a great way to build a support network that can help you learn coping mechanisms, stay positive, and find new, sober ways to have fun. If you’re unsure where to start making friends who are also in recovery or choose a sober lifestyle, this list may help.

7 Places to Make Sober Friends

If you’re at a loss over how to meet sober people, here are seven great places to start.

Sober Retreats

Sober retreats offer loads of fun activities and socializing opportunities with people in the same boat as you.


Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook are great to learn more about how others make friends and socialize in recovery while keeping an initial distance and sense of anonymity.

Let’s face it. Early recovery can be a rollercoaster, and if you’re looking for conversation or friends without committing too much time or energy to the endeavor, this could be a great option.

Alcohol-Free Bars and Raves

They may sound counterintuitive, but they do exist. There are dozens of events like concerts, raves, and sober nights at nightclubs that offer the same level of entertainment minus the temptation of drugs or alcohol. This is a great way to socialize if you loved partying before and don’t want to feel like you’re missing out on the fun.


Volunteering at animal shelters, homeless shelters, food banks, or for any cause that resonates with you is a wonderful way to meet people who also like helping others and may share your values and hobbies. Although not everyone who volunteers will be sober, they are more likely to support your sobriety and encourage your recovery journey.1

Sober Meetups

Drug and alcohol-free meetups are a great place to make new friends, many of whom share the same experiences and beliefs as you do. Most sober meetups will have a large attendance of men and women who are also in recovery, and this is an especially great place to start building a like-minded friend group.

Sober meetups are often advertised online or on social media and offer group activities like painting, beach days, or even paintball if you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Exercise Classes

Most people who prioritize fitness or exercise avoid alcohol as a lifestyle choice. They may not share your experience with alcohol, but they are just as great an option for meeting people and having fun as any other sober activity.

Book Clubs

If you enjoy intellectual discussions and reading, book clubs that don’t include alcohol in their meet-ups can be an excellent way to meet new friends who don’t prioritize drinking and other harmful behavior.

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