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Millennials and Addiction: Why Are Millennial Addictions on the Rise?

Millennials are considered Generation Y, and they were born in the early 1980s to early 2000s. Although there is some debate about the range of years, most agree that 1981 to 1997 is an acceptable range for Generation Y.

Most millennials are children of baby boomers. They grew up during a time when technology was advancing at a rapid pace. Most millennials are familiar with computers, smartphones, social media, and other newer technologies that have developed over the past several decades.

Millennials have been under constant fire from the news and media about how their generation is considered the “Me” generation and how they expect instant gratification. This generation also expects higher wages to work in fast food and other such jobs with just a high school diploma.

Those that graduated with a degree from a university expect “executive-level”-type jobs with a high five- or six-figure income immediately after graduation. Yet, businesses have refused to bend to their demands.

Another common feature of Generation Y is their reliance on social media to post status updates, to check in at different locations, to offer opinions and reviews of restaurants and other businesses, and to openly share information online. Additionally, many millennials would rather communicate with their friends via social media or text messaging but not in person or on the phone.

Reasons for Millennial Addictions

As you can imagine, these key demographics can create situations where the risks for addiction are increased. Some of the more common reasons for millennial addictions include:

1. Social Disconnect

Many millennials have multiple social media accounts that allow them to connect with others all around the world. It is not uncommon for this group to also have multiple user accounts on the same social media platform, with different groups of friends associated with each account.

Since they can “socialize” virtually, many people in this generation have difficulties when placed in real-life social settings. They can feel nervous, anxious, or even stressed. Drinking alcohol or using drugs is viewed as a coping mechanism for dealing with these feelings.

Furthermore, feelings of jealously, hurt, envy, and others do occur. They have open access via social media to see what others are doing. They could be shamed online for not going along with the group or must deal with a host of other issues.

2. Economic Stress

Millennials often feel economic stress because they are not earning what they think they should be. It is not uncommon for them to still be living at home with their parents, even though they are in their 30s. They also must deal with debt from student loans, credit cards, car payments, etc.

Many Generation Y-ers also have a hard time budgeting and saving money because they like living in the moment.

3. Drinking and Using Drugs Is Normal

One of the biggest reasons for millennial addictions is they have grown up in a society that portrays drinking and using drugs as normal. With many states legalizing marijuana, it reinforces this “normalcy.” Not to mention, social media shares show that binge drinking and using drugs is normal behavior without serious consequences.

Turning to alcohol or drugs to deal with one’s feelings, to avoid dealing with economic stressors, or simply because it is viewed as normal are just some of the reasons why millennials develop dependency and, eventually, addiction problems.

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