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Most Common Drugs Used by Athletes

Why is drug use in sports a consistent issue for individuals and society? Many athletes are taking drugs to enhance performance or believe that these substances are improving their strength or endurance. Most of these people use one or more of these substances:

  • Performance-enhancing drugs
  • Stimulants
  • Painkillers

This guide to the most common drugs used in sports outlines the specific drugs in each category that are most likely to be abused by people looking to boost their physical performance. Each has its own set of dangerous side effects and health impacts.

While drug testing athletes can bring this substance use to light, these individuals may already be struggling with addiction and need comprehensive treatment to fully recover. The consequences of drug use in sports often involves being banned from competition, but performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants, and painkillers can have even more serious impacts on an athlete’s future.

What are the drugs most commonly used by athletes, and how do they damage the body and mind? This infographic guide from Adelante Recovery Center will answer your specific questions about each of these dangerous substances.

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