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Partying While Sober: 8 Tips for Declining Alcohol in a Party Setting

Being sober doesn’t mean you have to miss out on going to parties with friends or enjoying a night out dancing. For many people, sober socializing at a party could feel like too much pressure, and that’s perfectly fine. However, if you love going out with friends or engaging in social events that might not align with your newfound sobriety, there are a few ways you can make sure you avoid drinking again.

How to Avoid Alcohol at a Party

Being sober at a party can be tricky. Here are eight ways to make having fun without alcohol a little easier:

1. Be Firm in Your Decline

No means no. It doesn’t matter the context of the situation or how little they want you to drink. Saying no to alcohol is your right, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation why.

2. Don’t Feel Like You Owe Anyone an Explanation if You’re Not Comfortable

Not drinking can raise a lot of questions you don’t need to answer. If you’re not comfortable talking about it, no one needs to know you were in rehab or recovery.

3. Volunteer as Designated Driver

Not only will this explain why you’re not drinking, but it could mean your friends appreciate your sobriety even more.

4. Keep a Non-Alcoholic Drink in Hand

If you don’t want anyone asking you if you want a drink, make sure you have a non-alcoholic alternative in your hand, so they don’t need to ask.

5. Get Your Friends on Your Side

Tell your close friends beforehand that you won’t be drinking. That way, they won’t be asking you why in the middle of a party, and they’ll come to your aid if they see you’re getting uncomfortable.

6. Tell a Small, White Lie

Sometimes, telling people you have work in the morning or are taking medication that can’t be used with alcohol is the easiest way to stop them from asking any more questions.

7. Have an Escape Plan

Make sure you have an excuse ready if the party becomes overwhelming and you want to leave. Whether you have a dog at home, need to get work done, or feel sick, giving a straightforward reason for leaving will ensure you can go whenever you feel like it.

8. Know When to Decline an Invite

Sometimes, even though the party sounds fun, you know it’s better if you avoid it. Whether you feel like you’ll be too tempted to drink, or you know the people attending are going to pressure you to drink, declining an invitation is often the best choice to maintain your sobriety.

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