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Should I Travel for Rehab? 6 Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

One of the biggest choices to make when choosing a rehab center is whether you want to travel for treatment. Often, getting help in your home city or state is cheaper and easier and comes with the benefit of having family and friends around to support you. However, for some, staying in the same environment, dealing with the same people, and being exposed to the same lifestyle they had before rehab can be more detrimental than helpful.

So, if you’re considering traveling outside of your hometown or state for treatment, here are six of the biggest benefits that may provide:

1. Privacy

Going through the addiction treatment process can be challenging, and it’s often made more difficult by the knowledge that the people treating you are the same ones going to your church or gym or seeing your family on the street. Traveling out of state or city for treatment means complete privacy and the reassuring knowledge that no one is asking your doctor or therapist about your progress or how it’s going.

2. Escape from Triggering Environment

Going to an alcohol or drug rehab in your backyard can mean you are still confronted by triggering environments and memories that affect the success of your treatment plan. Getting help away from these places can help you avoid triggers and stay focused on sobriety.

3. Escape from Enablers

Even if they say they mean well, some friends or family members enable your substance abuse more than they benefit your sobriety. Getting away from them by attending a treatment center out of state could increase your chances of success.

4. More Relaxing Environment

Sometimes, choosing a drug and alcohol rehab far away from your daily norm can benefit the recovery process by providing you with a more relaxing environment, away from the pressure family visits may put on you to achieve milestones or feel a certain way at specific times.

5. Fresh Environment = Fresh Perspective

Joining a rehab program away from home can give you a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new perspective on life and what you’d like to achieve once you return home. It can also help you gain some perspective on the people back home and whether or not they really want what’s best for you.

6. Better Treatment

Often living in a small town or under-resourced state can mean the treatment facilities aren’t up to standard, nor do they offer you the right kind of treatment. Traveling can mean accessing specialized programs like those that address mental health or co-occurring disorders alongside addiction.

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