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The Effect Drug and Alcohol Addiction Has on Your Loved Ones

Drug and alcohol addiction can definitely cause suffering for the individual who is experiencing it. However, addiction also affects their family members. Of all of the negative connections between addiction and family, there are also many ways to heal those relationships during the recovery process in a substance abuse treatment center.

Spousal Relationships

When one is struggling with addiction, their spousal relationship can become strained. The trust within this relationship may be compromised if the person is lying to hide their addiction, and arguments may arise when they are asked about money or their activities Over time, the strain on these relationships can become too much for each partner to bear.

Children’s Health

Children who may be living in the same household as an addicted parent or family member can be at risk of impaired mental and emotional health later in life. Living in a household where arguments are the norm, where substance misuse occurs in the open, or where the environment is under constant stress can be devastating to a child, causing them to feel as though there is no one for them to rely on.

Bonding with Family

As the disease of addiction progresses without drug and alcohol rehab, misusing a substance can become a person’s only priority, while all other priorities such as spending time with loved ones take a back seat.

This lack of quality time negatively affects relationships because the person may miss special events, such as a child’s first tooth, reunions, or movie nights with the family. Experiences that would normally help a family to strengthen their relationships can have the opposite effect.

Financial Stress

As a person’s addiction deepens and more of a substance is required, a family’s finances can be impacted. The same is true if a person has started to become absent from work; should this happen, a family may no longer be able to pay the mortgage and other bills. Financial stress on a person’s loved ones can also occur as the result of mounting debt due to the inability to repay personal or bank loans.

Getting Addiction Help

Rehabilitation, which involves support groups for families of addicts, is the best option for complete addiction recovery. In participating in group counseling, each family member can get a better understanding not only of their feelings about their loved one’s addiction but the things they may be doing that may be hurting themselves and preventing their loved one from getting help.

For the individual who struggles with addiction, several options exist. Detox programs allow for the safe removal of an addictive substance from the body. Inpatient residential rehab, which takes place in a residential facility, helps the person to return to daily life and includes individual and group counseling, and alternative therapies. Most recovering addicts first attend a detox program and then go into a more long-term program for inpatient residential.

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