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The Effects of Drug Abuse

No matter what drug you use or how long you use it, the effects of drug abuse are always devastating.

The full effect of drug abuse, however, isn’t always what we might expect. While almost everyone imagines some degree of liver and organ damage, the full effect extends to the rest of the body, especially the brain.

During long periods of drug use, the brain and the rest of the body pump out extra chemicals and hormones to adapt to the new substance. In the brain, this process often involves the “pleasure centers,” eventually making the brain almost completely dependent on the drug to feel pleasure. This effect often compounds the effects of addiction in many drug users.

Beyond addiction, the effects of drugs also extend to other areas of mental health and relationships, often resulting in depression, anxiety, erratic behavior, and even psychosis. Even worse, dependence on the drug can also result in theft, lying, violence, and other behaviors that can destroy relationships and even break the law.

Of course, other forms of damage aren’t to be overlooked: Prolonged drug abuse also affects the heart and digestive tract, often resulting in health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and liver scarring. Drugs are also known to affect muscle growth and bone strength, among a slew of other complications.

Thankfully, many of the effects of drug abuse are reversible through rehabilitation. To learn more about the complete effects of drug abuse and how rehabilitation can help, check out the infographic below or call the Adelante Recovery Center at (949) 427-9099.

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