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The Top 10 Signs You Are Abusing and Addicted to Medical Marijuana

In recent years, many states have passed laws that make the use of medical marijuana legal as an alternative drug treatment therapy for various illnesses and conditions like cancer, chronic pain, eating disorders, Crohn’s disease, and so on.

Medical marijuana is exactly the same as “regular” marijuana that is used for recreational purposes. However, medical marijuana may be offered in edibles and extracts that remove the THC—the part of the plant that makes one feel “high.” There are also different types of medical marijuana blends that may offer more cannabidiol or which have varying tastes to suit one’s needs.

Signs of Medical Marijuana Addiction

The continued use of medical marijuana can lead to medical marijuana addiction. Addiction occurs once the person goes past the stage of dependency on the drug and must use it to function.

1. You are using more than prescribed.

Instead of following your prescription, you start to self-medicate; you might smoke an entire joint where your prescription calls to only smoke half. You could decide to eat a double dose of edibles rather than what your doctor prescribed.

2. You do not get the same effects as you did when you first started your prescription.

Just like other drugs, the body starts to develop a tolerance for medical marijuana. Eventually, you will notice that marijuana does not seem like it is helping with your pain or controlling your medical condition.

3. You look forward to using your medical marijuana.

If all you can think about and focus on is using, you are addicted to medical marijuana.

4. You start to ignore household chores and personal hygiene.

Just like other addictions, keeping up on household chores and personal hygiene start to suffer. If you can’t remember the last time you showered or did dishes, you may want to consider marijuana addiction rehab treatment.

5. You experience severe withdrawal when your “high” is over.

If you get the shakes, experience nausea and vomiting, and get a headache, these are common symptoms of withdrawal.

6. You are no longer eating healthily.

Marijuana does cause an increase in appetite. If you find you are eating junk food and empty calories to fulfill your hunger, you probably are addicted.

7. You no longer exercise or are physically active.

If you have stopped exercising or doing physical activities you enjoy, your addiction is taking over and you need to get help.

8. You are experiencing mood swings.

If you notice you are happy one moment and sad or depressed another, this is a common sign of addiction.

9. Your relationships are suffering.

Strong relationships you have with your friends are no longer important You may have stopped associating with them because you have “new” friends who also use marijuana.

10. You start experimenting with other drugs.

Marijuana is often a gateway drug that leads to people with a marijuana addiction becoming open to experimenting with other prescription or illegal substances like heroin, cocaine, Vicodin, oxycodone, and others.

What Is the Danger of a Medical Marijuana Addiction?

There are both short-term and long-term dangers of medical marijuana addiction that include:

  • Becoming obese due to overeating.
  • Feeling a sense of paranoia.
  • Having blackouts where you cannot remember what you did.
  • Not being able to retain information.
  • Developing respiratory and lung problems.
  • Unexplained onset of panic attacks.

Once you realize you are addicted to medical marijuana, the next step is to decide if you are ready to get help for your addiction. If you are, then you want to start a marijuana addiction treatment program at a qualified treatment center like Adelante Recovery Center.

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