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What Can I Expect with Heroin and Opioid Treatment?

All opiates, including heroin, have a powerful effect on the brain, causing extremely large amounts of dopamine to be released in the body, even from one use. This can result in the development of addiction in a very short time. Addiction to any substance can be a challenging subject to discuss. Getting help from heroin rehab is critical and can be lifesaving.

Symptoms and Effects of Heroin and Opioid Addiction

There are many signs of heroin addiction, and the effects of the drug can be experienced in a number of ways.

A person may spend the bulk of their time obtaining, using, and recovering from opioids and spend money meant for essentials on the substance. They may experience cravings that are intense enough to block out any other thoughts, and they may take more opioids over time to achieve a satisfying high. They may have tried to stop using opioids many times without success, and they may have also experienced the symptoms of withdrawal after stopping.

Opioid addiction can cause a person to feel euphoric and experience an intense feeling of well-being. The physical effects of addiction include constipation, vomiting, dizziness, erectile dysfunction, headache, itchiness, and a slowed breathing rate. Paranoia and confusion are two very common psychological effects of opioid addiction.

Aspects of Heroin and Opioid Treatment

Treatment for opioid addiction is available in several forms. Treatment type and length depend wholly on a person’s individual circumstances.

Medically Supervised Detox

This initial stage of treatment removes the physical addiction to opioids by eliminating most of the substance from your body. Medical supervision allows for safe detoxification and the application of techniques that reduce withdrawal symptoms to a level where your body can more easily tolerate them.

Residential Inpatient Rehab

Following detox, residential inpatient rehab is where more involved recovery work can begin. This stage allows recovery to occur in a structured environment offering around-the-clock support. You live for 30, 60 or 90 days in a residence with others who are also in recovery, and you receive addiction and mental health treatment, therapy, and care on-site. This therapy includes both individual and group sessions.

You’ll also adopt healthy eating and exercise habits, as well as learn and develop new skills and habits that will be needed for life once you leave rehab. Along with the things you will be doing while in rehab, there will also be time for reflection and rest.

Continuing Sobriety

While in an opioid treatment center, you will learn important skills to help you maintain lifelong sobriety. These skills will help you identify and avoid triggers, process your emotions, and deal with life’s ups and downs in a way that supports your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Holistic, Individual Treatment

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