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What to Bring to Rehab

Entering a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is an important step in your path to sobriety. You will be entering a rehab center that is designed to provide you with a supportive environment where you can free yourself from the burdens of dependency and addiction.

Now that you’ve committed yourself to entering a treatment facility, there’s a simple question that naturally arises: What should you bring? That is, what personal items are appropriate to take with you to the rehab facility? By the same token, what should definitely be left at home? These are all valid questions.

The good news is that packing for rehab isn’t a particularly difficult process. Having said that, here are some suggestions and guidelines to follow when preparing to enter the recovery center.

What You Can Bring

The following is a list of essential items that you should definitely bring and optional items that you can bring if you prefer:

Clothing – It’s a good idea to bring about a week’s worth of clothing with you to the rehab center. Your clothing should be chosen for comfort. This means it should be reasonably loose-fitting and appropriate for weather conditions. Newport Beach, CA, where Adelante Recovery Center is located, is a coastal city known for its fairly moderate temperatures all year long.

Your suitcase should include pajamas, t-shirts, and fitness wear. Try to bring clothing that is easy to wash and does not require any special cleaning instructions.

You should also avoid bringing clothes with graphics or words that refer to drugs, alcohol, or sexually oriented topics in any way. “Revealing” clothes should be avoided as well.

Shoes – If possible, bring three pairs of shoes: normal comfortable footwear, tennis shoes for exercise and athletic activities, and shoes for the shower—such as flip flops.

Hygiene products – Bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, a comb, shaving cream, sunscreen, and anything else of a similar nature. Make sure you have enough for your entire stay. Do not bring any products that contain alcohol, such as certain kinds of mouthwash.

Prescription medication – If applicable, you can bring prescribed medications, but they must be in their original bottles, with a label. Any over-the-counter medications should be unopened.

Reading materials – You can bring a few magazines or paperback books.

A photo ID – You will need to identify yourself for legal purposes when you arrive at the drug rehab facility.

Contact information of friends and others – Be sure you have a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone who might need to contact. This includes friends, families, lawyers, doctors, and probation officers.

Money – You should bring a small amount of money—under $100—for vending machines and other incidental expenses.

What You Should Not Bring

These items should not be brought into the facility:

Drugs or alcohol – Please be sure not to bring any of these substances into the facility, as they pose a risk to yourself and others. Inspect your belongings to ensure that nothing of this nature has been accidentally left inside. Remember that all personal items, including perfume and cologne, must be alcohol-free.

Pornography – Sexually explicit or suggestive materials should not be brought to the treatment facility.

Weapons – Guns, knives, pepper sprays, and other self-defense items are not appropriate for an alcohol and drug abuse facility.

Food – The facility will prepare your meals during your stay. Be sure to inform the staff if you have special dietary requirements.

Jewelry – Expensive jewelry should be left at home. The only exceptions are items commonly worn on a day-by-day basis, such as wedding rings or watches.

Electronic devices – Cell phones, iPods, tablets, laptops, and similar products should be left behind.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure that you and others in recovery can enjoy the benefits of a safe environment free of temptations and distractions.

It’s important to understand that each substance abuse recovery facility is unique and has its own rules. Some facilities disallow certain items that are allowed at others. Don’t assume that the rules enforced at one facility are identical to those of another facility. If you’re not certain if any of your items is allowable at the facility, your best bet is to simply call and ask in advance.

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