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What to Expect from Inpatient Treatment

At times, alcohol and drug addiction can have a stronghold on an individual, in which case it might be time to consider inpatient care. Our inpatient treatment allows for round-the-clock care, accountability, and resources that may be needed during the emotional unpacking that comes with recovering from addiction. Adelante Recovery Center’s inpatient treatment provides therapies in groups and individuals, while also teaching them tools to stay sober long-term.

Individual Therapy

There is much more under the surface when it comes to addiction. Individual therapy allows time for specialists to help uncover and unpack all that is behind the addiction. Attending therapy during inpatient treatment allows a continued focus and support on healing after each session.

Group Therapy

With most battles, a lot of time it is better to have people alongside to fight with you. Hearing about the experiences of others can promote a feeling of being understood. While each individual has a different journey in recovery, many of the thoughts and emotions can be very similar.

Learning Tools for Continued Recovery

The brain is a complex organ, and you cannot just flip a switch and change things. With our inpatient recovery program, you will leave with tools that you can continue to use when challenges arise outside of our treatment center. Read on for more information in our infographic.

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