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Brent Inzer

Brent Inzer

Brent Inzer: Vision with Balance and Heart

As the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of So Cal Treatment Centers, LLC (the parent company of Adelante Recovery Center), Brent epitomizes the rare blend of a CEO who leads not just with his mind for business but, more importantly, with an enormous heart for people. His journey into the substance abuse treatment sphere wasn’t merely a professional pursuit but a deeply personal calling to make a difference. You’ll often find him walking through the facilities, not confined to his office but relishing every moment engaging with clients.

As a leader in business, Brent brings over three decades of experience in successful business management and entrepreneurship. With a dynamic background encompassing Fortune 100 companies, as well as the inception and operation of his own enterprises, Brent’s track record of exceptional leadership spans several different industries, including: healthcare, energy, communications, and real estate.

Built from his regional and national sales experience with companies like Verizon and Interim Personnel, Brent’s entrepreneurial highlights include the creation and launch of successful companies such as So Cal Treatment Centers in 2022, Synergos Solar in 2020, Synergistic Resources and Consulting in 2015, and FindTec Medical Management in 2007, as well as various real estate ventures over the past decade.

Brent balances his professional life with a vibrant array of personal interests. A passionate Yogi, he dedicates himself to practicing Vinyasa Flow yoga and meditation daily to stay grounded and maintain his focus. Beyond the yoga mat, Brent is deeply involved in sports and family activities. He takes pride in coaching his son’s roller hockey team and actively participates in two adult roller hockey teams each week. His love for sports extends to beach volleyball, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and mountain biking.

Within all this, Brent’s most cherished moments are those spent with his three children, embracing the joy and energy of family life. This blend of mindfulness, sports, and family activities paints a picture of a man who thrives on balance, health, and the happiness of those around him.

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