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Chef Leo Salgado

Leo Salgado

Chef Leo Salgado: Crafting Nourishment and Creating Connections

Chef Leo Salgado, a culinary virtuoso with over two decades of experience, crafts meals that nourish the body and soothe the soul. Graduating from the renowned Cordon Bleu of Pasadena in 2004, Chef Leo’s journey led him to prestigious roles as an Executive Chef at San Manuel, the University of Irvine, and Brinker International. His culinary ethos centers on infusing every dish with a blend of passion and love.


Chef Leo’s unwavering belief in the positive memories created around food drives his dedication to creating positive culinary experiences. He sees food as a catalyst for both physical and mental well-being, and he channels his passion for helping people through nourishing meals. A hallmark of Chef Leo’s approach is his commitment to tailoring meals to each client’s preferences. Often crafting three or four variations of the daily menu, he ensures that every individual’s dietary needs and tastes are met, embracing the importance of catering to diverse palates.

Chef Leo Salgado’s dedication to his craft transcends the kitchen; he values the art of listening and engaging with clients. He finds joy in sitting down and learning about their lives, fostering meaningful conversations centered on food, culinary education, and exchanging beloved recipes.

Recognizing the significance of food beyond its flavors, Chef Leo regularly invites clients to collaborate in the kitchen, creating an active, educational, and inclusive culinary space. This approach not only empowers clients but also nurtures a sense of community and connection through shared experiences in the kitchen.

Beyond the kitchen, Chef Leo finds solace in his love for automobiles, delighting in car shows and picturesque drives along the Pacific Coast Highway. His cherished moments revolve around family, epitomized by the tradition of bringing loved ones together around the dinner table. He strongly believes in the transformative power of this classic setting, emphasizing the significance of communal dining as a conduit for connection and togetherness.

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With an uncompromised focus on client care and staff care, Bill brings over 15 years professional treatment experience to Adelante’s leadership team. Building from over a decade of director level management with Detox and Residential operations, Bill helped co-found Adelante Recovery Center and currently serves as both operations and program director for the facility. 

Empowered by his own journey of recovery, Bill strives to lead by example, maintaining the highest degree of compassion and professionalism for the clients under his care. With an earned reputation as a trustworthy and respected leader, Bill’s management style is one of support and service to the team while promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health for allclients and staff. 

Through his experience as a Certified Addiction Counselor, Bill’s approach to client care is about understanding the person first, and then treating them. In his own words, “It’s extremely important that we deliver dignity by listening, seeing, and appreciating our clients as individuals first, and then creating a treatment plan based on that unique understanding.” 

As a core belief, Bill is passionate about the welfare of families and deeply concerned about the disintegration of the family unit in society. He sees the healing and unification of families as a crucial part of recovery and works tirelessly toward this goal.

In his leadership role at Adelante Recovery Center, Bill is known for his humility, non-judgmental character, and ability to meet clients where they are. His approach to earning respect is rooted in understanding and acceptance, making him not just a leader but a source of hope and inspiration for many. 

Bill’s past as an all-star baseball player was cut short by his addiction, but that hasn’t dampened his love for sports. Today, he is an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the Dodgers, the Lakers, and the Kings, finding joy and relaxation in the thrill of the game.

A native of Orange County, Bill is a family man at heart, cherishing his time with his daughter, niece, and granddaughter. He enjoys the company of his beloved pets, Baxter the dog and a ragdoll cat, reflecting his warm and nurturing personality. Outside of work, Bill is dedicated to maintaining his physical and spiritual health, often found at the gym, enjoying a healthy diet, and attending church.

With a past that saw him overcoming personal challenges, including a journey through addiction and recovery, Bill has emerged with profound understanding and empathy for those he serves. As the team leader, Bill’s humility and non-judgmental character resonates throughout Adelante Recovery Centerempowering the staff and the clients they serve.