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Lexie Brown

Alexis Brown

Lexie Brown: Caregiving You’re Born With

In addition to her impeccable work ethic, Lexie brings a youthful and fresh perspective to Adelante’s Behavioral Health Technician team. As a proud and devoted RADT-certified professional, Lexie’s dedication in the treatment field aims to cultivate a supportive environment for individuals navigating their way out of active addiction.

Driven by personal experiences during her mother’s battle with addiction, Lexie deeply understands the pivotal nature of recovery. Witnessing a loved one struggle with addiction leaves a lasting impression. For Lexie, it fuels her unwavering passion to guide others toward a brighter, healthier life.

Outside of work, Lexie stays focused on furthering her education. She’s diligently pursuing her nursing degree and hopes to graduate by the fall of 2024.

A natural caregiver, Lexie is often seen at the bedside of detoxing clients, offering them comfort with a damp cloth, holding their hand, or simply listening to their story. For Lexie, it’s all about supporting them through each passing moment, and then the next and the next after that. It’s not uncommon to find her spending hours at a client’s bedside—it’s a regular practice for her.

Amid her responsibilities, her therapy cat Ace holds a special place, offering comfort not only to her but also to those she visits at the facility.

Rooted in the values of her upbringing—honesty, hard work, and reliability—Lexie approaches her work with rigid dedication. Each and every day, her commitment to provide a safe haven for healing and growth is unwavering and obvious—maintaining a positive attitude of service and healing to the entire client community.

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With an uncompromised focus on client care and staff care, Bill brings over 15 years professional treatment experience to Adelante’s leadership team. Building from over a decade of director level management with Detox and Residential operations, Bill helped co-found Adelante Recovery Center and currently serves as both operations and program director for the facility. 

Empowered by his own journey of recovery, Bill strives to lead by example, maintaining the highest degree of compassion and professionalism for the clients under his care. With an earned reputation as a trustworthy and respected leader, Bill’s management style is one of support and service to the team while promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health for allclients and staff. 

Through his experience as a Certified Addiction Counselor, Bill’s approach to client care is about understanding the person first, and then treating them. In his own words, “It’s extremely important that we deliver dignity by listening, seeing, and appreciating our clients as individuals first, and then creating a treatment plan based on that unique understanding.” 

As a core belief, Bill is passionate about the welfare of families and deeply concerned about the disintegration of the family unit in society. He sees the healing and unification of families as a crucial part of recovery and works tirelessly toward this goal.

In his leadership role at Adelante Recovery Center, Bill is known for his humility, non-judgmental character, and ability to meet clients where they are. His approach to earning respect is rooted in understanding and acceptance, making him not just a leader but a source of hope and inspiration for many. 

Bill’s past as an all-star baseball player was cut short by his addiction, but that hasn’t dampened his love for sports. Today, he is an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the Dodgers, the Lakers, and the Kings, finding joy and relaxation in the thrill of the game.

A native of Orange County, Bill is a family man at heart, cherishing his time with his daughter, niece, and granddaughter. He enjoys the company of his beloved pets, Baxter the dog and a ragdoll cat, reflecting his warm and nurturing personality. Outside of work, Bill is dedicated to maintaining his physical and spiritual health, often found at the gym, enjoying a healthy diet, and attending church.

With a past that saw him overcoming personal challenges, including a journey through addiction and recovery, Bill has emerged with profound understanding and empathy for those he serves. As the team leader, Bill’s humility and non-judgmental character resonates throughout Adelante Recovery Centerempowering the staff and the clients they serve.