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Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Michael Collins: a Journey of Expertise in Healthcare

With over 33 years of dedicated experience in treatment and patient care, Michael Collins stands as a testament to the power of compassion and expertise in the healthcare sector. Born in Downey, California and raised in North Long Beach and Huntington Beach, Michael’s journey is one of profound personal and professional growth. Michael’s career began in college, where he first honed his superior skills in patient care. His journey took him through various roles, including a successful tenure as a CEO of a mortgage company, real estate, and a custom home development group. Despite his business success, Michael’s true passion has always been in healthcare, particularly in respiratory therapy and pulmonary function technology.

A key highlight of Michael’s career includes his time as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist, with notable roles at Long Beach Memorial and Yale-New Haven Hospital. Here, he specialized in critical care areas such as CCU, SICU, RICU, trauma, emergency room respiratory care, and neonatal care, showcasing his versatile and adept skills in high-pressure environments. Michael’s personal journey with recovery has given him a profound understanding of the challenges and triumphs in recovery. His own path, marked by both successes and losses, has only deepened his commitment to helping others.

Outside his professional life, Michael is a die-hard fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Rams, and Las Vegas Raiders. His love for dogs, especially small toy breeds, reflects his nurturing and caring personality. Michael’s interests extend to studying architecture, fine arts, and house music, showcasing a well-rounded and diverse set of hobbies.

Above all, Michael’s mission is to make a difference in others’ lives, helping them succeed in their interpersonal development and achieve long-lasting progress. His approach to patient care is rooted in active listening, showing compassion, and empathy, a philosophy that has earned him immense respect in the field. His Irish heritage and passion for patient care drive him to continually strive for excellence, both in his personal and professional life.

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