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Richard Salazar

Richard Salazar

Richard Salazar: The Powerful Medicine of Personal Transformation

Richard brings over six years of invaluable treatment experience to Adelante’s leadership team. Beginning his career as a technician at the very same detox center where he achieved sobriety, Richard affirms “I fell in love with helping people the same way they helped me when I was a client.”  This deeply personal introduction to the field ignited Richard’s passion for helping others in their recovery. The most cherished part of the job for Richard is hearing from past clients about the positive changes they’ve made in their lives. These stories of betterment are the driving force behind his dedication to the field, offering him a genuine sense of fulfillment, purpose and the pride of being of service. 

Marked by multiple relapses, Richard’s own battle with substance abuse instilled in him a great sense of humility and empathy for those facing similar challenges. This empathy, combined with his genuine talent as a communicator, make Richard a highly effective counselor. Of particular value to Adelante clients, is Richard’s innate gift for understanding the human condition in relation to addiction. His ability to relate and communicate the essentials of recovery effectively resonates even with the most resistant states of mind. A talented speaker, Richard conveys a sense of safety and relevance in his groups which help his recovering audience listen, engage and get the most out of group experience.


Originally from Fresno, California, Richard traded in the hot and dry weather of central California for the wet and cool Seattle, Washington, before finally settling in Southern California to focus on his recovery and to develop his career in a supportive environment.

Family is the cornerstone of Richard’s life, shaping his values and guiding his decisions. His home life is shared with his beloved “son,” Hector, a 3 1/2 foot Green Iguana, reflecting Richard’s nurturing side. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys cooking, reading, and playing video games. Richard possesses a keen fascination with psychology, an area that ignites his mind and passion for learning. This passion extends to the small yet significant joys of sobriety—good food, friends, and treating his family with kindness—elements that Richard holds dear.

Driven by continuous growth, Richard aspires to return to school to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology. His approach to earning the respect of clients is rooted in honesty and transparency, principles he considers essential for fostering mutual respect.

Richard Salazar’s story is one of personal realization through a commitment to helping others. From his own experiences as a client to his role as a caregiver, Richard exemplifies the impactful role that personal transformation can play in enriching the lives of others.

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