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Adelante Recovery Center Featured on Recent Episode of A&E’s Intervention

On November 8th, 2021, Adelante Recovery Center was featured on an episode of A&E’s Intervention. Intervention is a reality TV show that follows individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol on their journey to sobriety or rehab treatment. The episode of Intervention, which typically airs at 10/9c every Monday, offered insight into the life of a young woman addicted to methamphetamine.

Adelante Recovery Center Featured on Intervention

Adelante Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab based in Southern California. On season 23 and episode 4 of Intervention, Adelante was featured as a substance abuse treatment center that can help individuals with meth and other narcotic addictions.

What Is the Episode About?

On this episode of Intervention, the host or Interventionist, Donna Chavous, uncovered and followed the story of 20-year-old Ashley. Ashley was born into a family with a generational history of meth and drug abuse. Despite this, she was a straight-A student for most of her youth and even planned to attend a top California university.

Unfortunately, that became impossible after Ashley’s stepfather introduced her to heroin and meth as a teenager. This introduction eventually left Ashley homeless and using almost any drug she could get her hands on.

The episode follows Donna Chavous’ attempts to understand where Ashley’s addiction began and the efforts being made to help her recover, which is where Adelante Recovery Center comes in. Watch Ashley’s episode of Intervention.

About Adelante’s Heroin and Meth Treatment Programs

Adelante Recovery Center has a long history of helping individuals with substance use disorders in Southern California. As a facility that offers highly personalized treatment to each participant, Adelante provides dedicated treatment programs for each addiction.

Meth (or methamphetamine), one of the drugs Ashley used, is highly addictive and damaging to your health. Some of the most important steps to quitting meth involve a supervised, medically assisted detox, which Adelante provides. After completing a detox program, participants are typically moved to the next care level, known as residential inpatient treatment.

Like the meth treatment, recovering from heroin addiction causes a risk of overdosing, so undergoing supervised detoxification is so important. Individuals recovering from heroin abuse also move forward to a residential program that involves intensive therapy, counseling, and educational programs overseen by a team of doctors, nurses, and other qualified staff.

Like Ashley, many individuals didn’t make a conscious decision to try drugs themselves. Often there is outside pressure involved, a co-occurring mental illness, or past traumatic experiences. In cases like these, addressing an individual’s mental condition is just as important as physical health, which is why Adelante Recovery Center offers a holistic approach to recovery that includes mind, body, and spirit.

If, like Ashley, a loved one or you are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, get in touch with our experienced team at (949) 427-9099 to get the advice and assistance you need.


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