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How to Tell Your Friends You Don’t Drink Anymore: Your Guide to Coming Out Sober

Family members and friends can play a big role in addiction and recovery. Coming out sober could be challenging, especially if alcohol used to be a big part of your social life.

However, getting the support of friends and family once you decide to stop drinking could help you stay dedicated to sobriety and enjoy the journey. So, here are a few things to remember once you choose to tell your friends you don’t drink anymore.

Know You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation

Telling people about the change in your drinking habits is a personal choice. You don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you stopped drinking, but if explaining could help you build a positive support system, talking to a few friends might be beneficial.

Decide Ahead of Time How Many Personal Details You’re Comfortable Revealing

You get to decide how much you want to reveal about your relationship with alcohol. You don’t have to tell them your entire recovery story if you don’t want to. A simple “I don’t drink anymore because it was bad for me” is just as good as an hour-long discussion about why.

Start with the Friends You Know Will Be Supportive

When you start telling people about your sobriety, your best option may be to begin with sober friends and not your old drinking buddies. People who don’t see anything wrong with alcohol abuse may make you feel uncomfortable in your sobriety, especially early on.

Be Prepared for All Scenarios

Your decision to stop drinking might not be received well by everyone, especially those who see alcohol as the key to a good time. Accept that not everyone will agree with your choice, but remember that it was never theirs to make in the first place.

Let Go of Friends Who Prefer You When You’re Not Healthy

This is often the most challenging step and could cause the most harm if not done. If you had drinking problems or struggled with substance abuse in the past, you may need to let go of the friends you made in that part of your life.

Friends who encourage you to drink or who make backhanded comments about being sober or how sobriety is boring may eventually try pressuring you into drinking again. Even though it’s tough, letting go of these friends is necessary if you’re going to maintain your recovery and fill your life with positive people and relationships.

Ask for Their Support and Explain How They Can Give It

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Good friends who encourage your sobriety could create a tight-knit, personal support group over time. Friends who support your recovery journey may want to help you stay on the right track. Helping them know how to do this could give you a safety net to fall back on when you’re feeling stressed or tempted.

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